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Crown tonka Coolers and Freezers

Industries: Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Warehouse & Distribution, Industrial & Scientific.


With over 50 years experience with walk-in cold storage, we enjoy an unrivalled reputation for product quality, making us the supplier of choice throughout food retailing, warehousing, distribution, industrial and scientific environments.


Because everyone’s needs and preferences are different, our walk-ins are engineered and built to your exact dimensions and specifications. Flexible design and modular construction techniques ensure that we deliver walk-ins, which meet your exact requirements, helping you maximize operational efficiency.


CROWNTONKA manufactures walk-ins for indoor or outdoor location, helping you make the most of available floor space. Walk-ins may be supplied as coolers, freezers or combos for the ultimate versatility in temperature controlled storage.


Reach-in Display Coolers, Walk-in Coolers, and Walk-in Freezers – We offer solutions for all operation sizes. Walk-in coolers and reach-in display coolers are essential for convenience stores, floral markets, grocery stores, liquor stores, and warehouses. CrownTonka by Everidge excels at supplying walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer solutions for all sizes or retail and warehousing operations.

CrownTonka insulated panels are
manufactured to meet local codes in most cities. It is incumbent upon the customer to consult with the local inspector to assure

Walk-in coolers and freezers for any cold storage application


All our walk-in panels are manufactured in non-HCFC
ENVIROFOAM™, environmentally sensitive urethane foam, with a choice of 3.5”, 4”, 5” or 6” panel thicknesses for high efficiency insulating properties, significantly reducing energy consumption and running costs. All panels have tongue and groove construction, with gasket applied to all joints, forming an air-tight seal. CrownTonka walk-ins feature wood or high density foam rail, with metal facing and foam in place bonding, together with cam lock panel fastening for structural rigidity.


As standard, internal and external finish is 26 gauge embossed galvanized steel, which may be supplied with a white, black or almond paint finish, or alternative colors to order. A wide range of optional finishes is available, including .032 embossed aluminum, .040 smooth white aluminum, .040 embossed aluminum, Acrylume, 22 gauge type 304 stainless steel #4 finish, 430 rolled-on stainless steel, embossed stainless steel and antimicrobial Sanisteel. We also offer a range of brick and stone effect finishes for environmentally sensitive installations.

floor panels

FLOOR PANELS Standard .050 smooth aluminum floors are NSF certified and capable of supporting uniformly distributed loads of 1000lbs/sq ft. As an alternative, we offer 22 gauge
type 304 stainless steel with #2B finish. For ultra heavy duty
applications, we offer a superfloor, which is capable of supporting uniformly distributed loads of 5000 lbs/sq ft.


As standard, CrownTonka walk-ins are supplied with
in-fitting overlap self closing swing doors. Standard
features include:

– High quality, heavy duty hardware with safety release
– Magnetic door gasket and door bottoms
– Pre-hung for doors of up to 48”
– Heated jamb and door bottom on freezer models
– Heated threshold on freezer models To help maximize the use of available space and provide ease of access and egress, a wide range of optional door systems is also available.
– Glass display doors
– Single slide manual doors
– Single slide power doors
– Bi-part manual doors
– Bi-part power doors
– Reach-in service doors
– Roll-up doors
– Vertical lift doors


CROWNTONKA offers a comprehensive range of accessories for new build and retrofit projects, helping you tailor your walk-in to your specific application and make the most of your investment.

– LED lighting
– Alarm systems
– Digital thermometers
– Strip curtains
– Air curtains
– Door view ports
– Storage shelving
– Built-in wall supports
– Heavy duty floor plates
– Refrigeration systems
– Roof systems for outdoor applications
– Foamed-in-place electrical boxes
– Compact fluorescent lighting

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